My Dad.


“If you’re ever depressed just go for a poo.” – Dad

It’s really difficult to talk about my dad without coming across as cheesy. It’s also hard to describe him in words but I’m going to try my best.

When you think of the word “dad”, a lot of things spring to mind. Protection. Love. Humour. Saftey.

What I am really lucky to say about my dad is that he is all of that and more. My gym buddy, my comedian, my best friend, my health advisor, the wisest person I know and the most generous man I have ever met.

Sometimes when I’m struggling I receive a text from him saying “I love you” or “I hope that you’re ok” and it’s almost as if he knows.

He wouldn’t want me saying it but my dad has endured a lot in his life. I mean, a lot of people do but the way he conducted himself with such grace through everything that has been thrown his way is nothing short of inspiring.

You’re really special to me dad. Not only are you strong but you’re also pretty swag.

Most people think that they have the best dad, but I feel really privileged to say that you are mine. You might be hours away but I think about you all the time. Thanks for always being there.

And to anyone who finds Father’s Day a bit of a shit time time of year, you can share mine because he’s an absolute ledge.

 Happy Fathers Day dad<3


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