There’s Some Good Songs About Ent’ There?

There is so much good music out there at the minute that I when I’m not (very loudly) singing in the car, I am having a little jig every time I stop at the lights.

I’ve created a playlist to share with you because let’s face it, who doesn’t like discovering new tunes and being reminded of a good classic?

I’ll give you a quick run down of what is actually “gwaning” in the tunes that I’ve listed.

Firstly, Calvin Harris. I didn’t massively enjoy anything he brought out post “I Created Disco” but I have to say, I’m loving “Feels” and am obsessed with “Rollin”. They are just awesome tracks for when it’s sunny.

Next up, Stormzy. I think I am in love with that man. He is a talented little bean and although “Jupa” is off of an older album, it’s still an absolute jam.

I’ve also featured “Let’s Go To Bed” by The Cure because when am I ever not loving The Cure? I’ve got “White Gold” to thank for my rekindled obsession with that song.

Also, can we just talk Katy Perry for a second? I’m not massively into poppy stuff but her new album “Witness” has made me fall a little bit in love with her. I’ve put my two faves down below.

Lastly. “The Man” by “The Killers”. My legend of a mate Vicky (If you’re relatively new around here you should know that I rave about her all the time) introduced me to it in order to help me feel like a boss.  She read my “I feel like turd” article and knew that It was exactly what I needed.

They are my favourite kind of people. The ones where you talk about something and they go “You need to listen to this song”. Do you know what I mean? I adore people who instantly recommend music when you discuss whatever situation you are in.

Anyway, that’s enough jibber jabbering. I didn’t want to talk through every song individually but I definitely recommend checking out each and everyone. I hope you find something that you like!

UPDATE: Ok, I can’t leave this post without telling you to listen to the piano version of “Rude Love” by Becky Hill. Oh god that girl’s voice. Sorry, I tried to leave it. I thought I could but I can’t. Right, I’m going. Laters. Peace and love.

Rollin – Calvin Harris ft Future & Khalid

Jupa – Stormzy ft. Showa Shins & Starboy Willz

Rude Love (Piano Version) – Becky Hill

Let’s Go To Bed – The Cure

Attention – Charlie Puth

Bon Appétit (Katy Perry Cover) – Charlie Puth

Feels – Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell & Katy Perry

Déjá Vu – Katy Perry

Power – Katy Perry

The Man – The Killers


Side Note: I know it’s a bit off topic but I have to say that even though it’s 28 years too late, I am so happy that the victims of the Hillsborough disaster finally have some justice. You’re forever in our thoughts. Your families are an inspiration.

As always, thanks for reading ❤

H x

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