Let’s Talk About Followers.



“Scrabbling around for likes & shares is not a career strategy. Making cool stuff you are actually proud of is.” – Emma Gannon

It felt so refreshing to stumble across Emma Gannon’s tweet because even though I have fallen into the trap sometimes, on the whole I’ve never really been one to chase followers.

I remember a good 5 or six years ago when I set up Twitter. In good old Henna style, I was a gazillion years late to the game. A co-worker found my account and laughed because I “only had thirteen followers despite posting 300 tweets.”

At the time I felt really upset. Granted I was at that young age where I really gave a shit about what people thought of me. Nonetheless, I was really affected by it.

Was what I said not worthy of being heard? Am I less of a person than someone who has thousands of people following, retweeting and liking their tweets?

With age, I came to realise that the answer to these questions was a big fat “No”.

There’s even this culture where people follow you for a follow. Why? Why is this a thing? It’s enforcing such an unnecessary pressure, especially on young people.

Most importantly, it is just. not. worth it. Your follower list might be full but I can’t imagine that you feel anything other than empty if you aren’t creating content that you are well and truly passionate about.

Paint like no ones watching. Write like no ones reading. Do it if you really love it. Because if you are serious about what you do, you’ll carry on regardless.

Would you still be creating the same content you are now if there wasn’t a possibility that it could lead somewhere?

Just do your thing and everything else will work out.

H x



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