Timeless Summer Outfit Ideas.

Hi you guys. It’s going to be a bit of a chilled one from me today. I’m sat on the sofa with a drink and felt as though I really wanted to discuss the topic of dressing for summer.

I’m somebody that really likes to buy pieces that stand the test of time so for me, summer dressing can be a little bit of a struggle. I want to confidently be able to see a piece in my wardrobe and know that I can either layer it up or strip it down depending on the time of year.

As a person who predominately wears black, grey, navy and stripes (if I’m feeling adventurous) I completely understand how hard it can be to resist the urge to go out and buy new things that you’ll probably never wear again just because it’s boiling.

So, with all of that in mind, here are 5 outfits that prove you don’t have to spend your money on fast fashion just to feel comefortable on those hotter days.


Timeless Summer Oufits 1

Think simple, lightweight and slightly oversized because in summer, you can’t really go wrong with that. This outfit is perfect for the hotter days but would look just as good with an oversized black coat in winter.

#2Timeless Summer Oufits 2

Culottes are my go-to summer staple because they embody everything that I want in a summer piece. Also, you can never go wrong with a plain white tee because they just look effortless.

Again, in winter, I would probably put on an oversized coat and scarf and be ready to take on the day.


Timeless Summer Oufits 3

As with all of my style posts, there’s a bit of a theme. Trainers and good old pair of culottes feature again but this time, with a minimal basket bag and some friggin’ awesome sunglasses.


Timeless Summer Oufits 4

I love, love, love this dress. You can just do so much with this piece and it would go with almost anything, at anytime of year.

I’m really into tassel earrings as well at the moment because they instantly make me feel a little bit more done up.


Timeless Summer Oufits 5

Another simple and classic outfit that with a little bit of layering, will take you right through to the colder months.

I wanted to talk a little bit about fragrance because I think that changing up your scent in summer makes one hell of a difference. I have found that The Body Shop have an amazing section of summer fragrances that are definitely worth checking out.

I hope that these ideas helped and would love to know any tips and tricks that you guys have to get through summer.

As always, thanks for reading.

H x

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