4 Outfit Ideas For When You’re Feeling Anxious.


When it comes to style, I’m generally a comfort lover and I don’t necessarily think that means that you can’t be stylish.

I used to work for COS and it is was during my time there that I really refined my personal style. As a brand, they champion modern, functional and considered design.

When I was younger, I put myself down a little bit because whilst a lot of others were wearing heels and looking incredibly put together, all I pined for was an elasticated waist and a pair of New Balance. COS taught me to embrace my love for understated, timeless and comfortable clothing.

When I left university and my anxiety severely heightened,  I noticed that certain clothes that I wore made me feel a lot worse. During that time, I read up on how the things that we wear can affect our mood, and it’s definitely a thing.

I’ve spoken about it before but wearing anything clingy, really structured or carrying around a bag full of shit, sometimes makes me feel a lot worse.

My sister rang me earlier today and said “mate, I’m in a bollocks mood and my clothes are pissing me off”, and from those beautiful, poetic and inspirational words, this post was born.

I thought that I’d put a few ideas together of outfits for anyone who’s feeling anxious, agitated or just a little bit under the weather.


Anxiety outfit idea 1


Anxiety outfit idea 2


Anxiety outfit idea 3


Anxiety outfit idea 4

I hope you found some of these helpful ❤

H x

10 thoughts on “4 Outfit Ideas For When You’re Feeling Anxious.

      1. It’s more common than you think, honestly. I just think people are nervous to talk about it openly which makes them feel even more alone. The more people that talk about it the more supported people will feel I think 🙂

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