A Little Life Update.






Hello you guys! I just thought that I’d take the time to check in and have a casual little chat.

I’ve been working on a few articles for other people recently and the other day, my sister turned round to me and said “you put more effort into other peoples work than you do your own.”

I mean, I can’t pretend that I haven’t been thinking about that recently. I have jokingly said to my sister before that “if I put the same amount of work into my own projects as I do everybody else’s, I’d probably be successful.”

I’ve reached a point now though where I don’t want that to be the case. Why don’t I offer the same amount of attention to my own work and I do to others?

I feel as though I’ve been putting my blog to the back of my mind and creating content that I’m “Ok” with but doesn’t necessarily blow my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working to a brief and a deadline but my own blog is where it all started and it deserves a lot more dedication than it is currently receiving.

That’s about to change though (I hope)

H x


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