Throwback Thursday: A Playlist.

The soundtrack to my week so far has been one filled with absolute classics. Mind you, I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. Most of these songs I have listened to because I recently began watching Luther. I know. In true Henna style I am a gazzilion years late to the party (my love for Idris Elba has gone up a notch though *swoon*)

Anyway, I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the soundtrack all week because it is pure perfection. I’ve included a few other classics too and although not all of them are completely ancient, I still think they are tracks that shouldn’t be forget about. Enjoy!

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

Never Gonna Give You Up – The Black Keys

Are ‘Friends’ Electric – Gary Newman

I Only Want To Be With You – Dusty Springfield

Moving – Supergrass

Back To Life – Soul II Soul

My Eyes Are Red – Laid Blak

Gun – Emiliana Torrini

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand

Space Cowboy (David Morales Remix)  – Jamiroquai

Freak Like Me – Adina Howard

Fake Tales Of San Francisco – Arctic Monkeys

The State Of Things – Reverend And The Makers

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