A Mini Second Hand Homeware Haul.


For me, second hand is really having a moment. Especially when it comes to interior pieces. I just like things with a bit of character and one of the best ways to find those types of pieces are at car boot sales, charity shops and good ol’ antique centres.

I picked up quite a nice selection of pieces for my space recently and felt that It would be quite nice to share them with you guys on the blog. And in the process, if it encourages some of you to support charity shops or buy second hand, well, that will be worth it.

Mirror, £2

I’ve been interested in getting one of these mirrors for quite sometime but it has never been something that I was majorly arsed about. At £2 it felt like an absolute steal so I couldn’t leave it.

Plants, £3 for both

I’m really particular when it comes to plants. I don’t know where I get it from but It’s not often that I stumble across a larger house plant that I actually like the look of.

The cheese plant was the one that originally caught my eye and then the lovely lady who I bought it from said she had another.  I saw it and fell in love with them both and again, at £3 for both, it seemed quite silly to leave them.

Also, the pot for the cheese plant was something that I picked up for £2 from my local recycling centre. Boom.

untitled 11

Bar Cart, £5

Bar carts seem to be everywhere at the minute and when I say “everywhere” what I mean is Pinterest.

Here’s the things with thrifting, you end up discovering some absolute gems that you never even knew you wanted in the first place. That is exactly how I felt about this bar cart. I was never on the hunt for one but as soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it.

There’s a little post on how a styled this bad boy which you can catch here.

Beer Crate, £2

I’ve found that one of the best things to source second hand are storage solutions. Alternative storage solutions at that.

I thought that this beer bottle crate would be perfect for storing makeup brushes, products, hair brushes, pens, paintbrushes, you name it. There’s always room for a bit more organisation.

Eiffel Tower Ornament, 45p

Last but not least, this Eiffel Tower ornament.

I have always had this love for Paris so there are little nods to that beautiful city dotted all around my space. There’s something really romantic about it and I love to inject a bit of that into my home. This little knick knack really adds to that.

Plus, it just so happens to be very bladdy cute too which always helps.

So that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and that you might have got a little inspiration from it.

Peace out.

H x

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