I’m Sorry.

Facebook: People visiting ‘Henna Writes’ haven’t  heard from you in a while.


Hello there champs. Before I get back into the swing of blogging, it only felt right that I posted a little life update first.

I’ve been distant from my blog for a bit so thought that I’d talk you through the shizzle ma nizzle that has been going on around hizzle.

Firstly guys, I wanted to apologise for neglecting the blog recently. I know to some that may sound silly but I also know how much blogs provide escapism for people and having built up a nice little readership along the years, I feel responsible for creating content that brings a little bit of su’in su’in to peoples day.

I’ve been back in therapy for my OCD and anxiety for the past few months which has been really difficult and draining (I’m not looking for sympathy in any way, it just has.)

I’ve spent most of my days eating doughnuts and gaining weight. Attempting to do anything to just get through each hour. As a result. Anything that I created, I hated (omg I could be a rapper)

I haven’t been impressed with the content that I have been uploading and for obvious reasons, haven’t been pushing myself to my fullest potential. The photography’s been a bit limp and I think it was becoming very apparent how much I was losing my way a little bit with it all. Spinning plates is a lot harder than It looks.

I’ve had my blog for years now and kept it going because I enjoy it so much, but it has been really healthy for me to step back because it has reignited my passion for writing.

I’m now back and ready to create some awesome content just in time for my favourite part of the year, the festive period. Woop!

Thanks for sticking around you beautiful bunch and stay tuned.

H x





When you’ve been neglecting the blog and you want your readers to forgive you.



I got a bit carried away and started taking photos for my future album cover.

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