Style And Materialism

“I think it’s very important to not make fashion too much of a thing in your life. It’s a tool to show who you are to the world but only if you are privileged enough to be able to worry about it.” – Clemence Poesy

I recently asked my mum if she believed that being a non- materialistic person and having a keen interest in style were two entities that could coexist. A topic that as a self-confessed lover of personal style, I am becoming more and more intrigued by as I get older. This was her response:

“Yes they can. I don’t think that the two are necessarily connected to be honest. They can be, but they don’t have to be. I think style is something to do with who you are as a person and what you feel good in.

At the end of the day, we all have to wear clothes so why not wear things that we like and that we feel comfortable in? I think style becomes an issue when you start doing it for the benefit of anyone other than yourself, wearing clothes with the labels splashed all over them or wearing something because that is what’s popular at the time etc. For example COS are brilliant because they are simple, good quality, timeless and nobody really knows that it’s COS.

I would say that it is also handy to bare in mind that when it boils down to it, no one really cares what you’re wearing except for you, so don’t take it so seriously. By overdoing it on the style front you are missing out on whatever you are doing at that particular moment in time because you are too busy looking in the mirror.

Tips wise I would say:

Always dress appropriately for the situation you are in.

Stuff what other people think.

Buy less but buy the best quality. Instead of spending a lot of money on a lot of things, spend the same amount on maybe one item that you can pass on to your grandkids. We don’t seem to live in a timeless society any more. It feels like the age of the disposable. A lot of stuff from the high street will probably only last you up to a year and that’s on the condition that you haven’t gotten bored of it by then. You don’t have to spend a lot either. Charity shops are great places to find good quality vintage clothing that lasts.

Work from the inside out. Self-acceptance is the best outfit. Audrey Hepburn was somebody who exuded self-acceptance and that is what made her beautiful.

Above all, it is better to be happy than impeccably dressed.”

Thank you for reading guys.

H x

2 thoughts on “Style And Materialism

  1. It is a very interesting topic that I have thought about myself. I am passionate about photography and home decor but I don’t see myself as an overly materialistic person. And like you say what we choose to surround ourselves with and wear is a way of self-expression as well 😊

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    1. I’m exactly the same. And in my early twenties I remember almost feeling a sense of guilt about it. After having a conversation with my mum it really opened my eyes to a whole other perspective. As much as it’s good to be conscious, self expression is really important I think. Thank you so much for reading Linna 🙂

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