My Favourite Coffee Shops In Oxford

Every so often we come across people who have such a positive impact on our lives. They have the ability to provide us with a moment during our day which allows us to catch up with the world, re-centre ourselves and focus on getting through our ever expanding to-do lists. I have a special name for those people. Baristas.

I try not to have caffeine so much these days because of my OCD and anxiety but it doesn’t stop me enjoying the sense of calm and tranquillity that a good coffee shop has to offer.

Now, Oxford in particular is famous for many things. However, the fact that it is filled with so many amazing independent coffee houses often gets overlooked.

I thought that I’d put together a list of my favourite cafes for anyone wanting to try something new.

The Grand Café

84 High St, Oxford, OX1 4B

According to Samuel Pepys’ diary, The Grand Café is the site of the first coffee house in England and you definitely get a feel of its history when you pay it a visit.

The opulence of the gold leafed building and marble pillars within are most definitely something to be admired.

The Grand Café offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, all in an atmosphere that makes you want to kick back and let go.

The prices are really reasonable and if you want to feel as though you are stepping straight into something from a Wes Anderson film, then The Grand Café is the one.

Queen’s Lane Coffee House


40 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AP

Directly opposite from The Grand Café, you can’t help but notice a humble little building which is the epitome of what you would expect of a coffee house in Oxford.

Although The Grand Café is the site of the oldest café in England, Queens Lane Coffee house is said to be the longest standing coffee house in Europe.

In 1654, Cirques Jobson started selling his favourite new drink, coffee, in Oxford and the rest is history.

This particular coffee house really represents what Oxford is all about. The atmosphere is incredibly warm and the staff are absolutely fantastic.

Queens Lane Coffee House serve Turkish coffee all at a great price point and the building has bags of character. If you’re not massively into drinking coffee, then they also offer a wide range of freshly pressed juices that are definitely worth giving a try.

This quaint little coffee house is the ideal place to sit and write whilst catching the odd glimpse of the world going by.

The Missing Bean

14 Turl St, Oxford, OX1 3DQ

The Missing Bean is an independently run espresso bar on Oxford’s famous Turl Street. It’s famed for its friendly and relaxed environment but at the same time, is the perfect place to get productive.

It’s situated in city centre and although at peak times it can get quite busy, don’t let that put you off. It’s worth the wait.

They offer a really cosy atmosphere and the view from the coffee house just feels magical.

The Missing Bean are also great for when you’re looking to grab coffee on the go. The prices are reasonable and the service is efficient. What more could you want?

Art Café

14 New Rd, Oxford, OX1 1LT

Art Café is a sandwich shop and café that put a great emphasis on local produce as well as organic and homemade food.

As you can probably tell from the name, they also exhibit local art. Making it an excellent environment for getting creative.

The art displayed on the walls is for sale so it’s a great way to support local artists.


Not only do they offer a mean iced coffee, the staff are incredibly welcoming, it’s really affordable and the food is high quality.

The atmosphere doesn’t feel forced and it’s a great way to discover new artists.

So, there you are. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to switch off or simply want to try something new, these coffee houses are most definitely worth the visit.

Thanks for checking out today’s post guys. Much love.

H x

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Coffee Shops In Oxford

  1. Henna I loved this! I will be in the UK in a few months and have plans to visit Oxford! I will definitely need to check some of these out! I just did a blog post on
    “5 MUST VISIT” coffee shops in Portland OR. USA.” And found not a lot of us are writing comprehensive lists of cafe’s or local haunts to visit on wordpress! I am excited to read more of you work now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sorcha (beautiful name by the way 🙂) you’re so kind! Oxford is beautiful even more so in the colder months! You’ll love it. Thanks for checking out the post and I’m definitely going to give your “5 MUST VISIT” article a read! ❤️ x

      Liked by 1 person

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