The Skincare Edit.



I feel as though in Winter, most people’s skin can take a bit of a hit. Mine definitely has and I want to make a little extra effort to make sure my skin is feeling really cared for.

Here are the products that I have been using and absolutely loving recently ❤


Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

Because of the fact that I’ve been poorly recently, I’ve been waking up with my lips feeling even more dehydrated than usual. That teamed with the current weather situation here in England means that my lips haven’t been feeling their best. I can honestly say that this lip treatment by Aesop is the first thing that I’ve been reaching for when I wake up and I notice the difference almost instantly. I’m sure that it’s down to the Rosehip Oil and Ylang Ylang included in the ingredients.


Measurable Difference Rosehip Hydrating Body Oil

Whilst we’re on the topic of Rosehip, I couldn’t not mention this little skin saviour designed to replenish, restore and smooth the skin. Recently I’ve been attempting to be more strict on myself with using it everyday before moisturising and it’s working wonders.



Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Body Butter

This body butter is filled with skin loving ingredients which is why I have been using it as an everyday facial moisturiser as well as on my body. It contains organic milk, cocoa butter and glycerin. My skin just soaks it up.


& Other Stories Sardonyx Fire Hand Soap And Hand Cream

I have to be honest, I’m naturally drawn to the beauty products more than the clothes in & Other Stories at the moment. I think its because the scent combinations sound so intriguing. The Sardonyx Fire range is by far my favourite and in particular, I’ve been using these two products religiously. If you’re into dark amber scents with a floral undertone then you will love this. The scent makes these products feel really indulgent to use.



Are there any particular products that you’re really loving at the minute? I’d love any recommendations!

H x

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