The 5 Items In A Year Clothing Challenge: 1/5


With the likes of Fashion blogging, Instagram and advertising in general regularly encouraging us to spend, It can be quite easy to fall into the trap of feeling pressured to shop more when it comes to clothing.

I’m a sucker for seeing something online and not being able to stop thinking about it until I have it in my wardrobe. Towards the end of 2017 though, I really felt as though I wanted to make a change.

In December after a conversation with my lovely friend Sophia, I decided that very much like her I would embark on a little clothing challenge in 2018. I say little but for me, I had a feeling that purchasing only 5 items in 12 months would prove itself to be difficult.

I was wrong. It has been so much easier than I first thought. If I’m ever out and about shopping and see an item that catches my eye I think “Am I happy with this being one of my 5 items?” and the answer is usually no. It’s been great when it comes to helping me rethink my spending habits and how much, lets face it, shit I was buying.

My aim is to have a wardrobe filled with clothes that I well and truly adore. I hope to end up with items that I will pull out again and again in years to come (as well as saving a hell of a lot of space)

Seeing as it is the first time I have ever done something of this nature, I decided to set myself the following boundaries:

  • 5 clothing items only in 2018
  • No specific limit on shoes and accessories but remain mindful
  • Charity shop stuff is ok

It’s been important for me to not be too strict on myself because I want it to be a habit that I can maintain in the future.

Recently, I purchased the first of my five items and I’m pretty proud of myself having managed to get to the end of February without buying any clothing.

I thought that I’d talk you through what I bought and why I felt that it was such a great purchase.

I was browsing through the COS website one evening when BAM. I saw this jumper. As soon as I began to look at it in further detail, I could picture myself styling it in so many different ways.

I’m a big lover of navy and strongly believe that you can never go wrong with a simple navy sweater so that is the colour that I chose. The pink is lovely too but I don’t think I would get half as much wear out of this jumper if it was in a lighter shade.

Having worked for COS previously I knew that I was in for 3 main things. Quality, timelessness and a really good fit. When I finally went into the Oxford store to have a look at it up close, I snapped it up there and then.

I like my jumpers to be oversized so as with any tops that I buy from COS, I picked it up in a Large. I don’t think it would fall in the way that I wanted it to if I had bought it in any other size and that has to be the main thing that I love about it.







My sister, who is also joining me on this clothing challenge, loved this jumper so much that she went home and ordered one for herself.

I’m super chuffed to say that this is my first purchase of the year and honestly have no regrets buying it. Which is the ultimate sign!

Someone asked me recently if I had thought about what I wanted to buy next and I have to say, I honestly haven’t.

If I can think it through as well as I have this jumper though, I’ll be really happy and hopefully it will be a purchase that I’ll wear for years.

Thanks for reading guys.

H x

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