The Paris Diaries: Our Last Day




Coming Home


Un jour á se rappeler


For me, the last day visiting anywhere feels pretty magical. I suppose it’s that feeling of wanting to take in your surroundings even more than before because you’re not sure when you’ll be visiting next. Waking up knowing that we were retuning home most certainly had that affect on me.

It had taken me the past few days to remind myself of how much traveling has the ability to help me see things a little more clearly.



I knew that I’d regret it hugely if I came to Paris and didn’t take the time out to visit Sacré-Coeur. For me, it seemed like the perfect thing to do on our last day in the city so once we had dropped our bags off at left luggage, we made our way to the Sacred Heart.

There are a lot of steps to tackle in order to reach the top but the reward is a view of Paris that is nothing short of incredible.

Once we had made our way into the church itself, I ended up having a little unexpected moment of my own.

I don’t class myself as a particularly religious person so at first, I found the atmosphere a little unfamiliar. Once I had decided to take a moment to reflect, I noticed that I felt really calm. I mostly put it down to the fact that it was so silent within such a vast space but either way, as a sufferer of anxiety that was a moment that I really cherished.




With it’s cobblestone alleys, independent bookshops and stylish eateries, I knew that Montmartre was going to be completely up my street. Little did I know, there was so much more to discover.

If you fancy a break from all of the hustle and bustle of the city, Montmartre provides you with the perfect opportunity to take a stroll, check out some vintage shops and appreciate all of the street art/galleries along the way. Traditionally a place where creatives met and hung out, it is bursting at the seems with inspiration.

For a moment I honestly felt as though I was exploring a little seaside village and it was a nice change from everything that we had experienced on the first few days of our trip.






Coming home


The journey home from visiting anywhere as impactful as Paris provides you with the ultimate opportunity for contemplation.

I was returning to England with a camera full of memories, a case full of pastries and a mind full of ideas. Which I have to say, was the best thing that I could have walked away with. After months of struggling to create anything I was proud of, I noticed that for the first time in months I couldn’t wait to sit at my desk and offload.

I lived in London for a few years and whilst spending the day there before my trip, I felt as though I had fallen out of love with it. I was really irritable and whilst making my way to the underground, I even turned to my sister as said “I honestly don’t know how I ever lived here.”

When I arrived back in England however, everything felt different. Walking out of the station I noticed that the Parisians on my train back home were all pulling out their cameras and appreciating London in the same way that I was in Paris. It reminded me to appreciate all of the memories that London holds for me personally because we often forget to be grateful for what’s on our doorstep.

Whilst traveling we often find ourselves asking questions such as “How long must it have taken people to build something as beautiful as that?” or “Why don’t we come to see this more often?”

I feel really grateful that visiting Paris had encouraged me to ask myself the same questions about my own home.

Henna x

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