Trinkets and Treasures


Alright geezers? I’m in such a good mood today. The sun is shining, I’m on top of my to-do list and I’m sat with Flo whilst drinking coffee and demolishing a croissant. This is what happiness looks like for me.

When I was younger, I would forever be rearranging my furniture in a bid to keep things fresh and I have to be honest, I’m just as utterly obsessed with having a cosy space now as I was in my teens.

For me, creating the perfect place is a work in progress but I am more happy with this room now than I have ever been. I decided to pull out my camera and take a few snaps because I like to capture these little moments of happiness to look back on and also you’ll get to see the a few of my favourite details.











I’m really into finding vintages pieces with lots of character so most of the additions to my room have been thrifted. Still though, If anything catches your eye and you want to know more, send me a little message!

Henna x

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