A Photo Diary: Snippets From St Ives

Whether you see yourself as content or as someone who is craving escapism, there’s no denying that a break away can do the world of good.

Trips away are pivotal moments that I truly believe end up shaping our lives in some way or another. I like the fact that capturing those times on camera means that they are moments I can always come back to.

Living in England frequently means being faced with grey skies and busyness but my week away provided me with copious amounts of vitamin D and a stay in a forest that ended up being exactly what I needed. Mostly because it is so far away from what I know. I’m a city kid and even when I moved to Oxfordshire I remained one at heart. Despite the fact that I have become extremely fond of the countryside in recent years.

St Ives is a place that I wish we all had in our lives for those moments when we get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life and often forget what is truly important.

I was less concerned during this trip about curating a coherent photography post and instead just put together a bunch of photos that remind me of what a lovely week I had.

2 thoughts on “A Photo Diary: Snippets From St Ives

  1. Oh my goodness this is beautiful. St Ives has always been one of my favourite places to stay, I’ve been going since I was a child and find it so lovely, it holds a lot of memory for me. Are you reading The Sun and Her Flowers? Also, (if you’ve mentioned this before, I’m so sorry) – which camera do you use? I still need to send you that email but I’m honestly so obsessed with your photography. I’d 100% employ you to take photos for me hahaha. They’re amazing !! xx


    1. How amazing is it though? For the week I honestly forgot I was in England. I am reading The Sun and Her Flowers. I’m working my way through it a little bit slower than I did Milk and Honey but it is just as good! Ahhh thanks Chloe! I just used my IPhone for these pictures because I didn’t want to lug a separate camera around! Haha you’re too nice! Thank you so much and email me whenever your feel ready there’s no rush 🙂 ♥️ xx

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