Outfit ideas for Autumn writing days

I find myself relating to Autumn in a way that I have never done before. It turns out that this year, me and the ol’ season of transformation have quite a bit in common.

It feels like the beginning of a fresh start. Change is on the horizon and I find myself in a position where I want to let things go. After a Summer of in-your-face joy, I’m channeling a sense of calm and reflectiveness similar to one you would get whilst strolling through Hyde park in your cosiest clothes with a cup of tea in one hand. That teamed with my love for oversized sweaters, glowing skin, velvet and anything remotely shiny makes us the perfect fit.

That’s one thing that seems less serious but is nevertheless bringing me a ridiculous amount of excitement. Autumn dressing.

I’ve put together a few looks full of things that I hope to be rocking this season whilst writing away in my local coffee shop.

Links to all of the items can be found by clicking here.

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