I Don’t Feel Confident Talking About My Body But Perhaps That’s Precisely Why I should.

I’ve put on weight. And do you know what? my world hasn’t ended.

For a long time I unrealistically hoped that If I tried hard enough, I would eventually become the perfect clothes horse. I wanted clothes to fall on my body in the same way that they would on a hanger. Eventually though, I began wondering how much joy I have robbed myself of over the years by attempting to cover up parts of myself that nobody noticed or cared about anyway.

I currently find myself in a position where I have more jiggly bits than I have ever had. At the same time, I know that if I dig deep enough, in this moment, on this particularly gorgeous day in London whilst strolling around the streets of Notting Hill, there is a part of me that has never felt more confident in my own skin. Unapologetically loving yourself can be quite liberating cant it?

It’s important to be healthy. Physically as well as for your mind and soul, but health and fitness is a very personal journey and it’s ok to fall off of the wagon. As long as you trust that you’ll eventually get back on.

In the meantime as a general rule, don’t pretend you’re fine when you’re not, take time to recharge, don’t bottle things up and ask for help when you need it.

No we don’t look like anyone else on planet earth but that’s the whole point.

H x

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